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KLa Systems Antifoam Test Results

Antifoam/Defoamer Main ComponentConcentration (mg/l)Alpha Factor
Fatty acid esters4.00.77
Fatty acid esters4.00.62
Petroleum Distillate4.00.45
Petroleum Distillate4.00.42
Vegetable Oil6.00.28
Polyether Polyol6.02.00
Polyether Polyol6.01.79
Polyether Polyol5.00.86
Polyether Polyol5.00.72

The above results are from pilot testing at either the KLa Systems test facility in Assonet, MA (USA) or at Bayer AG, Leverkusen, Germany.  KLa Systems has also tested some of the above agents on project sites in mixed liquors evaluating both oxygen transfer depression/enhancement and defoaming capabilities.  

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